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Kooboo Cane 3/8 X 36 Inch 29863610 -

Kooboo Cane 3/8 X 36 Inch 29863610

Unpeeled rattan. It still has the bark on it but we've sanded the biggest scaly nodes; we left the smaller ones to provide a little more excitement. Kooboo thickness is approximate, Approximately 3/8" thick, Roughly 36 Inch Long. In spite of what you may have been told (or believe from your own experience), canes are fragile. The Postal Service and UPS like to break them if we send one or two in a package. Therefore you must purchase at least $15.00 worth of canes or we must charge an additional $5.00 to pay for the special packaging required so they arrive in once piece (so you can break them).

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