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Paddlewerks is your source for paddles in the US and around the world. Paddlewerks carries paddles all shapes, sizes and materials. The best paddles are here!


PaddleWerks is the fast, easy place to shop for paddles online. Simply click the selections at the left and navigate your way through the menus to find exactly the paddles and accessories you are looking for. You can also use our search field to find great deals on paddles, switches, and more.Paddles

PaddleWerks was created in 2003 by LeatherWerks who purchase the nearly bankrupt Hanson Paddle Company. LeatherWerks has since brought new and better paddles and toys to the marketplace, far exceeding the original designs.

PaddleWerks remains the worldwide standard in quality spanking and paddling implements. When you purchase form PaddleWerks, you are buying products that we ourselves use. We are players, and we love to pass our enthusiasm for the game onto our friends and customers. Most of our products carry a lifetime guarantee. If your purchase should fail during reasonable use, we will replace it for the cost of shipping.

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12 Inch Leather Paddle 380107
11 Padball 292401
Marc 291401
18 Inch Baily Tawse Leather 294388
Only $ 42.95
Only $ 25.75
Only $ 20.25
Only $ 37.50